Father’s Day

I want to take a moment to honor all those wonderful men that work tirelessly on providing for their love ones with laughter, unforgettable memories & adventures, safety, shelter and unconditional support. Recently I read a book, Keys to the Kingdom by Alison Armstrong, and learned about men’s stages of development and how each stage is fulfilled with remarkable evolution. I was able to have better understanding behind men’s actions and purpose. The core nature of being a provider and taking the extra mile to bring happiness into the lives of those who they care the most. I realized that the reason we experience differences in relationships it’s because we are wired completely different and it takes willingness to learn a different language to be able to communicate effectively. The power of proximity is only true if people is willing to give and receive dialogue, and willing to nurture a relationship; whether these are spouses or business acquaintances.

Today we are somehow divided based on different points of view, political agendas, social injustices and gender inequality. However I believe that if we want to create change with bigger impact, we need to walk together as a united front. Perhaps the strategy should be to bridge the gap by using actions that promotes supporting, understanding, forgiving, accepting, loving and impulsing each other. What does this content have to do with Father’s Day? well, sometimes we misjudge due to bias and quick conclusions. If we want to honor those men in our lives, we need to trust in them and allow them to provide for those who they love. Today more than ever let’s cherish our relationships, and pause to celebrate what life offers.

Published by Veronica Victoria Castro

I am a life engineer with passion for making things better for myself and those around me. I believe knowledge give us the tools to make decisions towards change and actions translate into tangible changes.

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